Wednesday, 6 August 2014


It's been a month already since my last post, this is what my whole life feels like at the moment - in the blink of an eye a few weeks has gone by. I finally have a job though which I'm ecstatic about. It's in a prison (interesting), I'm a cleaner (not so interesting) but it's 20 hours a week and good pay. I am going to look for another job to earn extra dolla for my travels but the immediate stress of finding work is off. I start next Wednesday but for the time being I'm going to chill, drink tea and go to the garden centre to buy some plants.

Monday, 7 July 2014


Time to get started again, on getting healthy, getting motivated and into a better mindset, finding a job, securing my future, on everything really. Part of my plan is to decide on university (where to go and what course to do) and take up regular exercise again. I'm a chronic procrastinator and things need to change. Hopefully this blog will display my changes and movement towards these goals over time.